The Denver Transportation Club turned 110 years old in 2016! There have been many influential participants, board members, and leaders throughout the years.  Originally, the club began as a forum for rail, logistics providers, carriers, and shippers throughout the Denver area. Today we honor our rich tradition, but also acknowledge that the complexity of supply chains and logistics are evolving. We are proud that Forbes named Denver the “Best Place for Business and Careers in 2015”! We have much to learn from one another and my goal is to grow our interaction within the community.

We recognize it is important to give back to an industry that has given us so much in return. As a club we have setup and offered a logistics scholarship through Operations Stimulus. We also continue to work within the education system: elementary, secondary educators, and college educators around Denver.  I believe the future of the club is bright and I’m excited to serve the Denver Transportation Club, work with the board and the logistics industry in our area throughout 2016.

–Lisa Heine, President ’16